Postdoctoral Associate Opening on Solid-State Li Batteries in Yan Yao group

Job Description
The Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston invites applicants to apply for a Postdoctoral Associate position in Professor Yan Yao’s group (http://yaoyangroup.com).
The project funded by Vehicle Technology Office from Department of Energy will focus on developing structural, chemical, and mechanical characterization tools for multidimensional diagnostics of the interface evolutions in solid-state Li batteries. To understand the complex origins of battery failure, the project will develop a platform in combination of FIB-SEM tomography, ToF-SIMS, and in-SEM nanoindentation and in-SIMS AFM-based stiffness mapping for structural, chemical, and mechanical characterizations, respectively.
The candidate will be expected to perform under limited supervision and to independently establish appropriate research plans that will address the objectives of this project . Research results are to be interpreted and presented by oral and written means, both within the group and externally.  Collaborations to utilize and/or learn needed expertise from other researchers should be productively pursued.
Required Qualifications
* PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or closely related field
* Publications in peer-review journals
* Deep knowledge of solid state batteries and characterization techniques
* Experience with interfacial studies in batteries
* Experience with solid state electrolytes, such as sulfide and oxide based electrolytes
* Ability to work as an independent researcher with a high level of scientific judgment and initiative, as well as to collaborate
* Experience in general battery laboratory equipment operation and maintenance
* Ability to write manuscripts in English and publish in peer-reviewed journals
Preferred Qualifications
* Experience with solid state batteries
* Experience with studying surface chemistry in battery materials

The position is immediately available. Interview can be scheduled at MRS Fall 2019 meeting. Please submit the application package to yyao4@uh.edu which should include: 1. CV; 2. Three representative publication; 3. Contact information for two reference letters using the subject line “Postdoc candidate+Name”.