Postdoc Positions in the Yao group at the University of Houston (positions have been filled)

Job Description
There are three immediate openings in the Yao Research Group at the University of Houston for Post-Doctoral Research Associate. The appointment can be renewed yearly dependent upon research progress on and funding for the project. Salary will be commensurate with experience, training and qualifications ($48,000-52,000) with additional fringe benefits.

Position 1: Solid-state batteries: processing and diagnostics, funded by DOE-VTO
Position 2: Multivalent-ion batteries, funded by Toyota North America
Position 3: Solid electrolytes, funded by Research Corporation

The candidate will be expected to perform under limited supervision and to independently establish appropriate research plans that will address the objectives of this project. Collaborations to utilize and/or learn needed expertise from other researchers should be productively pursued.

Required Qualifications
* PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or closely related field
* Publications in peer-review journals
* Deep knowledge of solid state batteries and characterization techniques
* Experience with interfacial studies in batteries
* Experience with solid state electrolytes, such as sulfide and oxide based electrolytes
* Ability to work as an independent researcher with a high level of scientific judgment and initiative, as well as to collaborate
* Experience in general battery laboratory equipment operation and maintenance
* Ability to write manuscripts in English and publish in peer-reviewed journals

Interested and qualified persons should submit a letter describing their background and specific experience and capabilities pertaining to battery research, full curriculum vitae, copies of three first author recent publications, and the names, addresses, telephone number and e-mail addresses of three references. Only electronic responses to this solicitation will be considered. Please submit the application package to Prof. Yan Yao, yyao4@uh.edu using the subject line “Positon Number + Postdoc candidate + Name”.

Ph.D. Student Openings for Fall2020, Spring/Fall 2021 are also available. No TOEFL/GRE Scores are required for applications.

Recent publications from Yao group:
1. Yanliang Liang, Hui Dong, Doron Aurbach, Yan Yao, Current status and future directions of multivalent-ion batteries, Nature Energy 2020, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41560-020-0655-0.
2. Philippe Poizot, Joël Gaubicher, Stéven Renault, Lionel Dubois, Yanliang Liang, Yan Yao, Opportunities and challenges for organic electrodes in electrochemical energy storage, Chemical Reviews, 2020, https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.chemrev.9b00482.
3. Fang Hao, Xiaowei Chi, Yanliang Liang, Ye Zhang, Rong Xu, Hua Guo, Tanguy Terlier, Hui Dong, Kejie Zhao, Jun Lou, and Yan Yao, Taming active material-solid electrolyte interfaces with organic cathode for all-solid-state batteries, Joule 2019, 3, 1349-1359.
4. Hui Dong, Yanliang Liang, Oscar Tutusaus, Rana Mohtadi, Ye Zhang, Fang Hao, Yan Yao, Directing Mg-storage chemistry in organic polymers towards high-energy Mg batteries. Joule 2019, 3, 782-793.
5. Yanliang Liang, Yan Jing, Saman Gheytani, Kuan-Yi Lee, Ping Liu, Antonio Facchetti, Yan Yao, Universal quinone electrodes for long cycle life aqueous rechargeable batteries. Nature Materials 2017, 16, 841-848.