Principal Investigator


Dr. Yan Yao
Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Principal Investigator of Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston
University of Houston

Research Assistant Professor

Yan Yao Research Group on Tuesday, July 22, 2019.
Dr. Yanliang (Lenoard) Liang
Ph.D. Material physics and chemistry
Nankai University, 2012
Energy storage and conversion materials
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Lihong Zhao
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering 2020
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Meng Shang
Ph.D. Chemistry 2020
University of Houston
Dr. Alae Eddine Lakraychi
Ph.D. Materials Science 2017
University of Picardy Jules Verne (UPJV), France
Ben profile picture
Benjamin J. Emley
M.S. Business
University of Texas at Austin, 2012
Optimization of porosity in solid oxide fuel cell electrode structures
Ye Zhang
M.S. Institute of Ceramics
CAS, 2016
Solid state battery
Chaoshan Wu
Chaoshan Wu
University of Houston
Zhaoyang Chen
M.S. in Materials Science and NanoEngineering 2019
Rice University
Liqun Guo
Liqun Guo
University of Houston
Undergraduate Student
Robert Sipowicz
B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Houston, Class 2021
Matthew Andersen
B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Houston, Class 2022


Karun K. Rao Ph.D. student 2016-2020 Postdoc, Stanford University
Hao Fang Ph.D. student 2015-2019 Research Scientist,Factorial Energy
Hui Dong Ph.D. student 2015-2019 Battery Engineer, Albemarle Inc.
Saman Gheytani Ph.D. student 2013-2017 Product Development Engineer, Lam Research
Yan Jing Ph.D. student 2013-2017 Postdoc, Harvard
Yifei Li Ph.D. student 2012-2016 Nio Inc., China
Kuan Yi Lee M.S. student 2015-2017 Angstron Materials, USA
Shiyang Zhao M.S student 2013-2015 Envision Energy, Houston
Jibo Zhang Postdoc 2018-2020
Yi Shi Postdoc 2017-2018 Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
Xiaowei Chi Postdoc 2016-2018 Professor, Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Science
Qing Ji Postdoc 2016 Professor, Moutai University, China
Pu Hu Postdoc 2016-2017 Professor, Wuhan Institute of Technology
Wenwen Deng Postdoc 2016-2017 Profesor, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China
Swaminathan Venkatesan Postdoc 2015-2016 MKS Instruments, USA
Qingyou An Postdoc 2014-2105 Professor, Wuhan 
University of Technology, China
Hyun Deog Yoo Postdoc 2013-2015 Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Pusan National University, South Korea
Zelang Jian Postdoc 2013-2014 Professor, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Xiaojun Wang Visiting Postdoc 2019-2020 Researcher, Nanjing University, China
Hongzhi Zheng Visiting Postdoc 2019-2020 Researcher, Nanjing University, China
Xinpeng Han Visiting Student 2019-2020 Tianjin University, China
Yang Chen Visiting Student 2018-2019 Postdoc, Fudan University, China
Rui Guo Visiting Student 2016 Florida International University
Xiangyue Meng Visiting Student 2014-2015 Associate Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Xiaoxue Zhang Visiting Student 2014 Toyo Engineering Corporation, Japan
Xiaoxia Wang Visiting Scholar 2019-2020 Professor, Qingdao University, China
Qiang Ru Visiting Scholar 2014-2015 Professor, South China Normal University, China
Yufeng Zhao Visiting Scholar 2014-2015 Professor, Lanzhou University of Technology, China
Zhixuan Meng Visting Scholar 2014 Optimum Nano, China
Audrey Wang Undergraduate 2019 ABB
Yu Xing Undergraduate 2018 Carnegie Mellon University
Stephanie Roohi Undergraduate 2017 HX5 LLC
Troy A. Pena Undergraduate 2017 University of Houston
Steve Guzman Undergraduate 2016 University of Houston
Raymond McCoy Undergraduate 2016 Houston Community College
Juyoung Kim Undergraduate 2015 University of St. Thomas
Lateefat Alab Undergraduate 2015 Google Cloud
Sarah Sieman Undergraduate 2015 Rice
Kayshewa Chamupathi Undergraduate 2017 ExxonMobil
Harrison Graham Undergraduate 2014 CAID Industries Inc, USA
Matthew Patton Undergraduate 2014 University of Houston
David Pineda Undergraduate 2013 Aurora Technical Sevices, LLC, Houston
Joseph Whitehouse Undergraduate 2013 NXP Semiconductors,Austin,TX
Group Pictures

Yao Group 2019_8 August 2019 (Front) Xinpeng, Hongzhi, Jibo, Aki, Yan, Dieu, Zhaoyang, Spring, Xiaoxia’s son, Xiaoxia; (Back) Hui, Robert, Ye, Xiaojun, Ben, Fang, Yanliang

group pictureAugust 2018 (Front) Chang, Haotian, Zijing, Yan Yao, Yi, Mike; (Back)Ye, Hui, Bing, Yang, Yuxiang, Ben, Fang, Yanliang

6P6B9029 August 2017 (Front) Yan Jing, Pu, Yan Yao, Saman, (Back) Yanliang, Hui, Ye, Xiaowei, Fang, Karun

Yao Group August 2015 (Front) Yan Yao, Xiaoqing, Shiyang, Yifei, Kenny, Swami, Jun, Saman; (Back) Yanliang, Hui, Hao, Kayshewa, Yaoguang, Ben, Rui, Yan Jing

Group photo 20150312 copy March 2015 (left to right): Saman, Sam, Yifei, Yan Jing, Shiyang, Qiang, Dandan, Yanliang, Qinyou, Yaoguang, Kenny, Yufeng, Yan Yao

Yao Group July 2014 (left to right): Sam, Yanliang, Zhixuan, Saman, Yan Yao, Yan Jing, Shiyang, Yufeng, Xiaoxue, Zelang, Yifei

Group lunchMay 2014 (left to right): Yanliang, Jeff, Yan Yao, Yifei, Sam, Zhixuan, Xiaoxue, Yan Jing, Shiyang, Saman, Zelang, Yufeng

Group_2 Jun. 2013 (left to right): Jin Yan, Yifei Li, Len Liang, Jamie Bassett, Kyle Affeldt, Tiffany Au, David Pineda, Yan Yao

Group_1 Jan. 2013 (left to right): Jin Yan, Jing Shuai, Yan Yao, Yifei Li, Len Liang